Meaningful Leadership

When we encounter situations where leadership is required to move us and the people around us forward, we learn soon enough that leadership is complex and challenging. In this workshop, we use your authentic set of skills and personal life experiences as a starting point for a genuine and meaningful type of leadership. By researching and concretising your leadership style, we ultimately investigate what kind of leader you can and want to be.


In the workshop, we will explore different ways and theories to look at leadership and investigate the following themes:

  • What is meaningful leadership?
  • What do your life experiences teach you about your own self-leadership?
  • How can you deal with leadership challenges while using your core qualities and skills?
  • What is your personal style of leadership?
  • Practising your leadership with a small challenge

Why meaningful leadership?

With so much useful and non-useful literature and knowledge available on leadership, it’s often difficult to work on our leadership qualities. Especially when we feel that our position and expectations of others call on us, it is easy to attend to direct needs, without consciously developing an authentic style of leadership. Ultimately, if we want to develop a style of leadership that is fulfilling for ourselves and therefore most effective for others, we need to take a deep-dive in who we are and can be as a leader. Which is exactly the goal of this workshop.


After the workshop, you will have a better understanding of the complexity of leadership and understand what leadership means to you. You will have an improved understanding of which situations and skills match your personality as a leader and an improved awareness on how to put your leadership style into practice.