Happiness in and after corona times

During these challenging times in which the world situation dictates our lives to the furthest extent, many of us are searching for ways to stay happy, healthy and connected. Since the reality is that all of us have to learn as we go on how to deal with Corona and its lockdowns, it is important to share our experiences and help each other to deal with the current challenges in our lives. In this workshop, we help each other by sharing our experiences, discuss some of the difficult topics and share some basic yet relevant knowledge from scientific happiness research.


This workshop is preceded by a short questionnaire to investigate the current state of our minds at this specific time, since Corona effects are fluctuating so much and our knowledge on how to deal with the situation keeps on growing. The group outcomes of this questionnaire will be shared in the workshop. Furthermore, we will zoom out and recap on how Corona has influenced our lives in the past years and discuss the following themes:

  • How Corona has affected our mood and happiness
  • How we experience and deal with loneliness, stress & anxiety
  • How we can set up a fulfilling lifestyle in and after lockdowns
  • What useful lessons we can learn from the science of happiness
  • Connecting with peers in and after a lockdown

Why happiness in and after Corona times?

During these challenging times, it’s obvious that it is important to attend to our mental health and wellbeing, especially for students, who are taking hard hits. Less obvious might be that it is extremely important for young adults to be supported and educated in self-management and sharing of their experiences. This workshop helps them to connect and help each other, vital skills to deal with this crisis.


After the workshop, you will have a better understanding on how you and your peers experience and deal with these difficult times. You will understand how to improve your self-management, feel more relieved and more inclined to connect with your surroundings and fellow students.