When changing work on a team- or organizational level, we believe in the power of intrinsic motivation. With the effect of traditional change methodologies being limited, at Meaningful Work we adopted a next-generation change methodology, developed by and with our partners at Prototyping Work: Teamwork Redesign. Whether it’s an increased level of employee engagement, a better impact on customers and environment or improved levels of work satisfaction, Teamwork Redesign can be the answer. Together we find the cutting edge of (high-level) management goals and intrinsic team motivation to create a meaningful and long-lasting change.


Teamwork Redesign is an experiment-based change methodology, in which teams gradually change their way of working by optimizing their intrinsic motivation. In a series of recurring team sessions, the most important topics for improvement are investigated and small, hands-on experiments for work improvement are designed. In between the sessions, the experiments are carried out and evaluated. By adjusting and scaling the succesful improvements, a gradual work evolution starts to take place. 


At the start of a Teamwork Redesign project, we investigate your specific situation. What are your challenges and aspirations, and what is the bigger picture and purpose of your project? We explain the possibilities and limitations of a Teamwork Redesign project, illustrate the methodology to a further extent and discuss which teams would be eligible to start working with. Together we build the plan: what is the project’s goal, how do we measure improvement and what is the scope within which teams are allowed to experiment?


In the training sessions, we train the teammembers in understanding, practicing and experiencing the Teamwork Redesign methodology. We explain the idea behind the methodology, make the team familiar with the Teamwork Redesign tools (retrospectives, canvases and brainstorming techniques) and start practising right away! We investigate the most important tensions (obstacles or opportunities) and guide the team into a process of designing creative solutions in the form of small experiments, that are carried out in the upcoming weeks. The idea is to test both the tensions and the solutions: are we hitting the right buttons? In the second training session, we evaluate the experiences, discard, adjust or develop the experiments and repeat the process of tension investigation. We have now set up the typical recurring Teamwork Redesign team session agenda, that will be repeated every 2-4 weeks.


Once the methodology is explained and practised with, the teams have already started redesigning their work. In the following recurring team sessions, the same agenda will be covered: check-in, evaluation of the experiments, mapping and describing the current tensions, (re)designing and scaling of experiments (prototypes) and agreeing on actions for the next weeks. In between sessions, teams carry out their experiments, have unfacilitated team meetings to update each other, and develop their thoughts for the next session. After a number of facilitated team sessions, the habit gets embedded: the teams are getting used to a steady process of work improvement sprints based on their own intrinsic tensions and developed with exciting experiments. Work evolution is emerging, growing and getting fully ingrained in the weekly work life.


After a number (typically 5-10) sessions per team, many experiments have been tested, failed, succeeded and scaled. Work improvement is now a steady ongoing process, and teams are enjoying the results of their efforts. Management is informed and involved along the way, and the results are showing in the agreed success metrics. This is the moment where Meaningful Work is preparing to leave, educating your people to take over the facilitation and introduction of the methodology of current, but also new teams. In this way, work evolution is spreading through your organisation. The end result will not only consist of new ways of working, but also an improved understanding of your teams needs and desires, and their own autonomy in meeting them.


Interested in our expertise and approach of Teamwork Redesign? please reach out to us! We are motivated to guide you on your road towards increased employee impact and engagement, and are happy to investigate how exactly we can help.