Challenging your limiting beliefs

Do you know the feeling of being ‘stuck’, or lost in something? Do you have these typical situations you seem to keep running into, and do you feel you miss the insights or understanding to really move forward? It could be that your beliefs are holding your back from realising your potential in these situations. In this workshop, we investigate your limiting beliefs to their deepest level, and from a position of awareness, search for alternative ways of handling these situations.


In the workshop, we will explore the situations you keep running into or feel stuck in, and investigate the following themes:

  • What are limiting beliefs?
  • What is your current level of self-understanding about being stuck?
  • Re-evaluate (your role) in the occurring situations
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself
  • Constructing an improved approach

Why challenge your limiting beliefs?

In situations we function well, we are able to follow our natural flow and make decisions to develop our future in a way that feels just and ultimately fulfilling. In other situations, we struggle way more to create the future that we want. Although limiting beliefs play a role in this, discarding or neglecting these beliefs is not the right answer – even though it’s very often the way we deal with them. A deeper understanding of our beliefs is important in order to be able to be our best selves in situations we struggle with, so we can eventually stop struggling and move forward in ways that feel just.


After the workshop, you will have a deeper understanding about the beliefs that are holding you back and how you can dismantle them, in order to make fulfilling decisions in situations where you kept running into, or felt stuck in.