Career Management

Managing a career is something that almost everyone needs to do, but hardly anyone feels well-equipped for. Especially when it comes to developing a fulfilling, exciting and meaningful career that you truly connect with. In the career management workshop, we will explain the basics on career management and investigate which steps you can take to shape your meaningful career! 


In the workshop, we will explore what modern careers look like, explain the iterative process that shapes a career and investigate the following themes:

  • Basic self-auditing
  • Career exploration
  • Commitment to a job/work
  • Working on your work
  • Leaving your post

Why career management?

Managing a career is incredibly hard, and often we feel we miss an explanation on how careers actually work, and what you can do to (better) develop a career that fits with your skills, passions and higher goals. Since the ‘typical’ career has rapidly changed in the last decades, it’s important to understand what a modern, fulfilling career looks like. If you know what to expect, and which parts of the career journey are worth spending time and energy on, you become more in control and feel empowered to shape your career towards your best fit!


After the workshop, you will have a deeper understanding in how careers work, what drives your career, how you can research and make a mutual career commitment and know what you want to have learned before you quit your next job.