Ikigai is a Japanese concept that roughly translates into ‘a reason for being’, a reason to get up in the morning. In the ikigai workshop we will use the corresponding model to investigate what truly motivates you in your work, and find out which career directions are interesting to investigate further.


In the workshop, we will explain the background of the ikigai philosophy and model and investigate the following themes:

  • What you’re good at
  • What you love to do
  • What you would like to contribute to the world
  • What career directions fit the above

Why ikigai?

How you experience and connect with your work, is greatly dependent on the level with which your work matches your intrinsic sources of motivation. The particular strength of the ikigai model is that it incorporates the topic of what you would like to contribute to this world, which is often ignored in classical career coaching. With help of the ikigai model, you can create a ‘dot on the horizon’, a generic direction in which you would like to steer your career so it matches your personal drives.


After the workshop, you will have an improved overview on what factors intrinsically motivate you in your work and a better idea of which steps you can take to move towards career directions that align with this motivation.