In a workshop at Meaningful Work, we always focus on the 'why'. In our workshops, it is not about promising unicorns and rainbows for a future, it is about getting real about what you're doing and what you should be doing. In a typical workshop, the results are twofold: new insights are accompanied by clearly defined measures to move on. That's why it's not just kicking back and relax. It is the challenging start of something new.


In modern days, designing your career is one of the most complex challenges of your life. Apart from exploring what you like and what you're good at, your study background and work experience will be guiding your future career decisions. Next to that, a growing amount of people feels the desire to do something meaningful, to contribute to a better world. So how do you bring all these things together? How can you lead a satisfying work life in a world where choices seem to be infinite? That is where our career orientation workshops come in.




Everyone knows the feeling of being caught up in the daily grind. Of feeling subject to a career, instead of being in charge of what you do and where you're going. Therefore, it is time for a new way to work and develop our career! We are convinced that having an energetic, engaged work life in which you feel fulfilled at the end of the day is a choice. By looking at your job and career from a new perspective, you become the boss of your own career!




Organizations are changing rapidly: apart from modernizations in the way of working, both employees and organizations are becoming primarily purpose driven. This changes the game for management and top-level leaders: how can you win the war on talent? How to set course in a world where purpose is the key to company growth and profit? Our leadership development courses are here to make the difference: we help you discover and develop truly purposeful leadership.



With the Corona virus forcing many of us to work from home, our happiness is challenged in various ways: many of us are missing the social contact and feeling limited by the options to work from home. On the other side, we are learning several collective lessons from this experience. In this workshop, we investigate how the lockdown is affecting our state of mind, discuss what we can learn from the situation and share advice on how to improve your happiness based on the latest scientific inisights.