Modern day leadership is all about engagement, empowerment and motivation and it all starts with purpose. Managers talk about KPI's and processes, true leaders inspire their team to develop their talents, work on intrinsic motivation and realize actual impact. In this workshop, we use your personal why to motivate your team and lead by purpose!

You will discover/learn

  • Your personal 'why'
  • Purpose based team empowerment
  • How to focus on value
  • Trust based management


This workshop is for

  • (Senior) managers who want to learn to lead by purpose
  • (Senior) managers who desire a more meaningful work life


Our society is changing: from a welfare oriented society, we slowly start to realize we our responsibilities have grown with our succes. Modern businesses have evolved accordingly and use a purpose driven approach to impact society while intrinsically motivating their people to more than classical success. In this workshop, we

You will discover

  • How purpose driven organizations are leading the way
  • The main causes of demotivated organizations
  • Your personal purpose
  • How to develop a collective purpose

This workshop is for

  • Organization management who want to have a positive impact on society
  • Organization management who want to improve motivation within their organization
  • HR management who want to win the war on talent


Typically, our workshops last 2-3 hours, are both challenging and inspiring and work with group sizes of 8-20 participants, depending on the situation. Our workshops are available both online and offline and can be followed independent of prior knowledge/workshop experience.

Workshops at Meaningful Work inspire to think differently, to improve towards a better you in a better world. In order for our workshops to excel in letting your people grow, it is always possible to adjust the workshops to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or ideas you have!


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