In a workshop at Meaningful Work, we always focus on the 'why'. Why are you here? Why do you go to your work, why are you doing this instead of something else? In our workshops, it is not about promising unicorns and rainbows for a future, it is about getting real about what you're doing and what you should be doing. In a typical workshop, the trainees get challenged to get to the core of their beliefs and values and to define what it is that they actually want. The results of a workshop are twofold: new insights are accompanied by clearly defined measures to move on. That's why it's not just kicking back and relax. It is the challenging start of something new.


Ikigai workshop


Ikigai is a Japanese concept which translates into ‘a reason for being’, a reason to get up in the morning. In this workshop we will investigate your Ikigai by exploring it's four elements in order to make more educated work and career choices in the future. You will analyse what contributes to your work happiness, uncover your blind spots and ‘puzzle’ career directions for a happy and fulfilling career!

Challenge your limiting thoughts

Do you sometimes feel 'stuck', not knowing how to proceed? Do you have the feeling that there might be more in stock for you, but you are unable to achieve it? Then your own thoughts and beliefs could be holding you back! In this workshop, we challenge the situation(s) that you run into. What is the role you take, how do you view things and how is this influencing the situation? You will find out which thoughts are holding you back and you will define your first steps towards a breakthrough!

Share your network


Did you know that your network is the most important factor for finding a new job? 23% of people find their new job via their network and most of the times (84%), these are contacts that they don't even see regularly! In this workshop, we will share our networks amongst each other in a creative and fun way! At the end of the event, everyone will walk away with some new people to talk to and some interesting new career opportunities to explore!