Hey there, it's me, Erik. On the picture you see me smiling, but three years ago I hit rock bottom. I was done doing work that I didn't care for, didn't understand the point of and didn't feel connected with. After years of researching many alternative (corporate) career options, somehow none of those ever made sense to me. I was afraid I was going crazy, and I had no clue what to do. I decided to do something I had never done before: I made a decision to jump in the deep and go travel the world, hoping some answers would come to me. And they did: I realized that to me, the set-up of modern day work life doesn't make sense at all: money seems to be the goal and purpose a nice-to-have. To me, money is like oxygen: without it, you can't live. But nobody wakes up to breathe as much as he can. The idea of work should be to contribute something, to do something valuable. And since so many people seem to agree with me I decided to start Meaningful Work, so we can collectively achieve what is only sensible.

Erik Roebroek - Founder of Meaningful Work