The spread of COVID-19 all over the world has affected many of our lives immensely. Even though some countries are on the path of return towards an unkonwn 'new normal', we can conclude that study or work will probably never be the same. We might work from home more often and consistently, we have struggled and learned to manage ourselves like we never needed to do before and  finally, we have realized that some jobs are vital to our society. Now, it is time for some reflection. What have you learned from working or studying during the Corona period, living more closely together with your family, roommates, parents or alone? What are the things you missed, what have you learned to appreciate and what have you come to understand about yourself? How has your intrinsic motivation to work or study changed and what lessons do you want to share and take with you to the future?

You will discover/learn

  • How the lockdown affects happiness
  • How you and your peers experienced the lockdown
  • 7 Lockdown lessons of happiness
  • What you can learn from your peers

This seminar/workshop is for

  • Students who are studying from home
  • Professionals who are working from home
  • Students/professionals who want to actively design their              'new normal'


Typically, our workshops last 2-3 hours, are both challenging and inspiring and work with group sizes of 8-20 participants, depending on the situation. Our workshops are available both online and offline and can be followed independent of prior knowledge/workshop experience.

Workshops at Meaningful Work inspire to think differently, to improve towards a better you in a better world. In order for our workshops to excel in letting your people grow, it is always possible to adjust the workshops to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or ideas you have!


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