Meet Job 3.0, in which you are living a truly healthy, engaged and empowered work life. In this workshop, we will research and redesign the role of technology and rules in your work, empower you to discover and focus on your purpose and to reduce pointless tasks. In short, we teach you how to become the boss of your own job!

You will discover/learn

  • How technology and rules influence your health
  • How to create healthy habits
  • Your personal 'why'
  • How to do jobcrafting

This workshop is for

  • (Young) professionals who like to improve their work satisfaction and impact
  • (Young) professionals with stress and burnout complaints


Our way of looking at careers is seriously outdated: no one is 'climbing up the ladder' any more and it has become important to develop your talents to achieve true mastery. Furtermore, making an impact on society has become a must instead of a wish. How do you realize all this in order to have a career that is not only succesful, but also manages to make you fly? That is what we teach you in this workshop: career empowerment is coming up!

You will discover

  • The difference between 'old' and 'new' careers
  • Your personal career drivers
  • How to develop your talents
  • How to determine and improve relevant impact
  • How to define your future job

This workshop is for

  • (Young) professionals who want to have a succesful and meaningful career
  • (Young) professionals who want to increase their intrinsic work motivation


Typically, our workshops last 2-3 hours, are both challenging and inspiring and work with group sizes of 8-20 participants, depending on the situation. Our workshops are available both online and offline and can be followed independent of prior knowledge/workshop experience.

Workshops at Meaningful Work inspire to think differently, to improve towards a better you in a better world. In order for our workshops to excel in letting your people grow, it is always possible to adjust the workshops to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for any questions or ideas you have!


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