Ikigai is a Japanese concept which translates into 'a reason for being', or 'sense of purpose' a reason to get up in the morning. When you visualize where you would like to be and what you would like to achieve, how clear is it? Does it seem out of reach?
Here's the thing - it isn't.
In this workshop, we will investigate your Ikigai by exploring it's four elements to ma ke more educated work and career choices.


Who can benefit from this workshop?

- Students at the beginning of their career
- Professionals looking to achieve a higher purpose at work / life
- Professionals / Seniors looking for a career shift.


Career Management

Starting your career is probably more difficult than ever: with an overload of choice and a world that's not ready for your ideas it is difficult to decide where and how to start your career. In this workshop we will explain the newest insights in career development and practice with effective tools to start your meaningful career!


- We will challenge your limiting thoughts throught groupal discussions and engagements

- We will work on networking and how you can squeeze the most out of it 

Who can benefit from this workshop?

- Students at the beginning of their career

- Professionals looking for other career options 

Purpose & leadership

Modern day leadership is all about engagement, empowerment and motivation and it all starts with purpose. In this workshop we will find your personal 'why', explain how you can make your team truly empowered and engaged and investigate how you can become a leader by purpose.

Meaningful Organization

A paradigm shift is happening: modern employees work for a cause, break with classical work rules and environments and state their demands towards the organization. In this workshop, we investigate your organizations engagement, challenge you to define the purpose of your organization and define steps to prepare for a meaningful future!


Study/work happiness in Corona times

With the Corona virus forcing many of us to work from home, our happiness is challenged in many ways. In this workshop, we investigate how the lockdown is affecting our state of mind, discuss which lessons we can learn from the situation and share advice on how to improve your happiness based on the latest scientific inisights.